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Popped quinoa sourdough bread

Popped quinoa sourdough bread

Sourdough levain⁣
15 g active sourdough starter⁣
30 g bread flour⁣
30 g water, at around 78F/26C⁣
Main dough⁣
270g bread flour⁣
30g whole grain emmer flour⁣
249g water, at around 78F/26C⁣
60g sourdough levain⁣
6g salt⁣
25g popped quinoa

1. Make the levain:⁣
Mix up the levain and rise at around 78F/26C for 5 hours or until peak. ⁣
2. Prepare the main dough:⁣
3 hours after mixing up the levain, you can start preparing the main dough: ⁣
•In a bowl, add flours and water, and mix until just combined. Cover and rest/autolyse for 2 hours - until the levain is ready. ⁣
3. Add levain and salt:⁣
•Add levain to the main dough and hand mix using the Rubaud mixing method (or whatever mixing method you prefer). I mixed for about 3 minutes. ⁣
•Rest 30 minutes. ⁣
•Add salt and hand mix for another 3-4 minutes. ⁣
4. Fermentation process:⁣
I let my dough ferment/proof for 6.5 hours at 75F/24C, including one lamination and four coil folds. I added the quinoa during lamination. Each fold was separated by around 60 minutes in this order: fold, lamination, fold, fold, fold. ⁣
5. Overnight rest:⁣
When the dough had finished fermenting, I shaped it, placed it in my banneton, and transferred it to the fridge for an overnight cold-proof. ⁣
6. Bake:⁣
I baked the bread directly from the fridge in a preheated cast iron combo cooker at 500F/260C for 20 minutes. Removed the lid, turned down the heat to 430F/220C, and baked for another 15-20 minutes until dark golden.⁣
*to make popped quinoa: add quinoa to a dry pan. Heat up on high heat while stirring, until the quinoa starts to ‘pop’ and turn golden brown.
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